Tuesday, 22 May 2007

ATTENTION: Azerothian brothers & sisters...

It looks like I'm actually going to do it... I'm gonna quit WOW once and for all. It seems that about 2 years is my MAX limit for any MMO, which is not bad as WOW has kept me longer than any other game I have played online.

I am gonna try a toon on my buddies realm, Undermine maybe that will rekindle my interest in it. He owns the Darkside comic shop which I love and he has a guild over there and they play IN-STORE in the LAN center. They all agree that is so much better actually sitting in the room with your guildies, rather then on Vent, and so forth. I don't feel like starting all over again, so I simply paid to move Kaustic from ER to UM. It took less then 15 minutes for the entire transfer.

We shall see but overall I have gotten major bored with WOW. I know I mentioned doing a WOW Podcast but it really holds nothing for me. It is old hat... been there done that, and really do not need to prove anything in that aspect. This was a small factor in me leaving The Instance, as I think you have no right doing a show about WOW unless you play a decent number of hours per week. It is just not fair to the listeners. Soooo... I will give it a shot and see, otherwise I am done with it. I truthfully would rather play a Solo game, the Wii, or do something in RL than anything else. LOL... maybe I am just getting old and certain things are just boring now. Who knows.

Its been a fun time playing with all of you in AIE, thanks for all the help, thanks for the fun, you all are a great group of people to play with and hope the AIE Guild continues to prosper into future. My parting comment to WOW players is that I hope those of you that are enjoying the game continue to enjoy it, and those of you who aren't are able to make the decision to stay or leave for all the right reasons.

NOOOOOO... You cannot have my stuff as when I leave an MMO, I always DELETE everything, just to nip temptation of coming back in the sack. ;)

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